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Car Battery Service

If on inserting the key into the car’s ignition, your car refuses to start, it indicates issues with your vehicle battery. Stranded in the middle of nowhere due to this issue on a winter night can cause a lot of discomforts. Therefore, it is wise to opt for a vehicle battery check.

At DMH Tyres, we conduct a series of inspections to ensure car battery Wrexham remain in optimum working condition. Further, we extend a 24/7 emergency car battery replacement Wrexham service. For assistance, call us on 01978 853779.

Symptoms of issues with a car battery

Issues with starting your vehicle mean that the battery isn’t functioning well. If your car refuses to start, irrespective of how many times you flick the key, it is time you opt for a battery inspection.

Be wary of the following warning signals as they are indicators of a faltering car battery:

  • Radio makes fuzzy sounds when you start your engine
  • The battery light on your car’s dashboard keeps flickering
  • Trouble cranking the engine
  • Issues with vehicle’s stereo system
  • The car isn’t starting, but the headlights turn on

What leads to issues with the vehicle’s batteries?

  • If the battery is older than 3 to 4 years
  • Extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Forgetting to turn off headlights or internal lights
  • Parasitic drain by components of a vehicle that run even when the ignition is off
  • Alternator faces some issues
  • Too many short drives
  • Corroded or loose cables

How do we carry out car battery replacement Wrexham?

The technicians will conduct the following step by step process to replace the battery of your vehicle:

  • First, lift the car’s hood and remove the old battery
  • Mark the spot where the old battery was
  • Place in a new battery
  • Secure the cables and try cranking up the car engine

So come, end your ‘car battery services near me’ searches with us!

We also extend mobile battery fitting Wrexham. To book our service, select a day and time, provide the location details where you want us to visit; that is it! Our experts will reach your location on time in our fully-equipped service vans. You can also connect with us for affordable car battery Wrexham.

Any doubts? Reach us at Info@dmhtyres.com.