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Bulb Replacement

If you notice that your car’s bulbs are not functioning correctly, feel free to contact us for Bulb Replacement Wrexham services.

We are one of the leading auto garages in the area and keep an exclusive collection of car bulbs at our unit.

Interested to know what kind of bulbs are available at our facility? Take a look!

Our category of bulbs

Halogen headlights

Though halogen lamps are one of the oldest products, they still have extensive usage today. Plus, apart from being cost-effective, halogen bulbs involve an easy installation process too.

It consists of a capsule filled with halogen gas, and a filament made of tungsten. When current flows through the system, the filament gets hot and illuminates.

LED headlamps

LEDs comprise of light-emitting diodes and are extensively used as daytime running lights. Besides, some high-end vehicle models are also fitted with LED headlamps.

They offer few advantages over halogen lights like:

Consume less electricity which eventually reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

Though it produces a bright white light, it comes with lesser glare, preventing drivers from getting dazzled amidst traffic.

Xenon lights

Also referred to as High-Intensity Discharge lights, xenon car bulbs are much superior to halogen ones. When current flows through the system, xenon gas undergoes a reaction to produce bright white light.

But if your vehicle has halogen lights installed and you want to replace the same with xenon lamps, you will require an HID conversion kit. You must note that our HID conversion kits consist of cleaning and self-levelling systems which meet the UK’s legal standards.

So, instead of searching car bulb replacement Wrexham on the web, visit our branch during business hours and pick the best-suited bulb model for your vehicle.