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Continental Tyres

Continental tyres started their journey in 1871 as a rubber manufacturer. In 1898, they began the production of vehicle tyres, and in 1904, they became the first company to produce grooved vehicle tyres. Currently, Continental marks a global presence with R&D centres and manufacturing units scattered worldwide.

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Our collection of Continental car tyres Wrexham

We stock the complete range of products from the brand; here is a glimpse:

Summer Variant

A hard compound paired with shallow tread depth makes this particular tyre variant ideal for hot summer days. These tyres perform best on dry and warm surfaces.

  • Notable mention: EcoContact 6Q

Winter Variant

The slippery roads and freezing temperature of the winter season throws a different challenge at the drivers. To tackle harsh weather conditions and lack of grip, you need specialised winter tyres. These Continental tyres Wrexham come with a softer rubber compound and greater tread depth.

  • Notable mention: WinterContact TS 870

All-season Variant

If you are not interested in swinging your wheels every season, all-weather tyres can be a solution for you. These Continental car tyres Wrexham use a unique compound, and the structure of the tyres is more balanced. Moreover, the performance of these tyres remains uniform throughout the year.

  • Notable mention: AllSeasonContact

Performance Variant

This sub-section mainly focuses on helping you get the maximum performance out of your car. The aim is to ensure maximum stability and optimum braking performance to make your track days worthwhile.

  • Notable mention: SportContact 6

4X4 Variant

Purpose-built to tackle off-road conditions, these 4x4 tyres come with larger tread blocks that offer better grip on gravel, mud and sand.

  • Notable mention: Conti4x4Contact

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