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Tyre Pressure Check

Ensuring optimal tyre pressure per manufacturer specifications is necessary to enjoy excellent car control and braking performance. On average, car tyres lose up to 3 psi of pressure every month in usual usage scenarios. Therefore, experts recommend a tyre pressure check once every fortnight or at least every month to maximise your on-road driving safety and utilise your tyre service life optimally.

DMH Tyres is a reputable name for a routine tyre pressure check Wrexham. We use a pressure gauge to inspect tyre pressure and inflate or deflate accordingly.

What can cause tyre pressure loss?

Some of the common causes of tyre pressure loss are:

  • TPMS valve leaks
  • Faulty mounting
  • Rough driving conditions
  • Improper tyre size
  • Incomplete or low-quality repairs
  • Tyre age

When should you search for ‘tyre pressure check near me’?

It is ideal to opt for a tyre pressure check if you observe the following:

  • Reduced traction. It can be due to faulty tyre-road contact as a result of inaccurate tyre pressure
  • Improper tyre psi decreases rolling resistance and delivers diminished fuel performance
  • Compromised handling and cornering ability
  • Uneven and accelerated tyre wear and tear, reducing its service life

Further, inaccurate tyre pressure prevents optimal heat dispersion, increasing blowout chances when driving for extended periods.

Why contact us?

Before inflating or deflating, our tyre experts will first check the tyre placard. It is usually in the glove compartment or car doorjamb.

Our experts will then inflate or deflate your car tyres per manufacturer specifications.

Enjoy prompt tyre pressure check Wrexham anytime, anywhere, as we provide 24/7 roadside assistance. Give us a call on 01978 853779.

For any doubts, we are available at Info@dmhtyres.com.