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Summer Check

It is ideal to opt for a summer check to ensure your car is ready to deal with heated surfaces and offer reliable on-road performance. Thus, it becomes necessary to timely replace and tune your vehicle with appropriate engine oil, wipers, coolant, air-con, etc.

DMH Tyres is a reputable car services provider housing a team of experts to deliver efficient car summer check Wrexham at market-best rates. Moreover, we are equipped with modern tools and equipment to check various car components and conduct repairs/replacements depending on their functional levels with minimal turn-around time.

What does our summer check entail?

Tyre check

Our experts will first check if your car tyres are in proper condition and feature a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm. It is necessary for optimal grip and traction on dry and wet surfaces.

Braking system inspection

Braking efficiency is crucial for optimal vehicle performance in stopping distance, mileage, tyre service life, etc. Hence, our experts will check various brake components like braking pads, rotors, discs, etc. In addition, we offer OE-grade replacements to make sure you get assured on-road performance.

Air conditioner check

An optimally functioning air-con system is instrumental to driving comfort in the hotter months. Therefore, our professionals will conduct repairs or replacements, whichever is necessary to restore your vehicle air-con’s performance to optimal levels. We will also refill refrigerant to its manufacturer-specified level as a part of our summer car check Wrexham.

Engine oil check

Engine oil condition is key to engine health and car performance. Therefore, our professionals will check the engine oil and replace it with a seasonal variant if required.

Battery inspection

Car batteries drain rapidly during the winters. Our experts will check the power output of the car battery, wirings, terminals, etc. They will recharge the battery if you opt for our car summer check Wrexham. Signs of car battery failure include ignition troubles, dimmed headlamp brightness, etc.

Coolant refill

Appropriate coolant level is instrumental in keeping the car engine from overheating, leading to engine seizure and leaving you stranded. Our experts will check coolant levels and provide a refill, if necessary, to ensure the coolant to antifreeze ratio remains at 50:50.

Wiper blades and windscreen check

There is considerable rainfall during the summers in the UK, which can hinder optimal visibility. However, professionals at DMH Tyres will check the wiper blades and windscreen and replace the damaged parts accordingly with your permission.

Headlights and lights check

Our experts also check the headlamps and other lights to ensure they function well. If not, we will change them while conducting our summer check in Wrexham. Faulty lights are hazardous while driving in incessant rains.

Apart from these, our services of summer vehicle check Wrexham include:

  • Exhaust Check
  • Suspension Check
  • Steering Inspection, etc.

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