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There are three key factors to analyse before buying a new set of tyres. They are tyre size, loading index and speed rating. Correct selection is vital to ensure optimal performance, driving safety and fuel efficiency.

If you are keen to buy car tyres Wrexham but are unsure of the exact tyre size suitable for your vehicle, worry not! Experts at DMH Tyres will happily guide you in selecting the correct units.

DMH Tyres brings you a vast range of car tyres Wrexham, ranging from premium, mid-range to budget. Visit our website today to check out the brands we stock!

Understanding tyre size

Suppose your vehicle requires tyres Wrexham that reads P195/55R16 87V. This set of numbers, symbols and letters on the sidewall may seem meaningless at first but holds valuable information. Allow us to decode it for you.

195: This number refers to the tyre cross-section width. Measurement is in millimetres, from the inner sidewall to the outer sidewall of a tyre.

55: This denotes the tyre aspect ratio, that is, the height of the sidewall as a percentage of the section width. Here 55 means the tyre height is equivalent to 55% of the 195mm width.

R: This alphabet denotes the radial construction of a tyre. Nearly all the new car tyres are radial.

16: It is the rim diameter, measured in inches.

87: The number represents load index. It refers to the maximum load the tyre can bear and weighs in kilograms.

V: The last alphabet of the code indicates the velocity or maximum speed at which the tyre is safe to drive.

Newly added markings

M+S: The mark reads Mud and Snow tyres. It is not a necessary parameter for performance tests. The marking indicates optimal performance on wet and muddy surfaces.

DOT code: This information reveals the place and time of tyre manufacture. The last four digits denote the week and the year of tyre production.

E-marks: It indicates that the model maintains the EU or UNECE standards concerning dimensions, speed rating and load. An e-marked tyre represents optimal tread depth and performance.

What sets us apart?

Online tyre booking option

To book new car tyres Wrexham from the comfort of any space, whether your home, office or any place else, visit our website. Enter your vehicle registration number or tyre details on our tyre finder tool and choose from an extensive range of sort after tyres in every price bracket.

Mobile tyre fitting facility

Are you too busy to visit a workstation for a tyre-fitment session? Opt for our hassle-free mobile tyre fitting Wrexham. For registration, submit your address on our Tyre Fitting Bookings tool. We will arrive at your given location and put tyres on your vehicle using advanced equipment. Also, we will conduct free wheel balancing to ensure optimal driving safety.

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