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Winter Check

Driving your vehicle on the wintry roads of the UK without the necessary tune-ups will facilitate unfortunate incidents. Moreover, frequent and incessant rains hinder visibility during this period. Therefore, it is ideal to opt for a professional like DMH Tyres for quality winter car service Wrexham.

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Our professionals employ state-of-the-art equipment to deliver a quick and efficient car winter check Wrexham. They will thoroughly inspect and recommend the necessary repairs and replacements to ensure your on-road driving safety under challenging conditions. Further, we stock OE-grade spares to ensure reliable post-service performance.

Components of our comprehensive car winter check Wrexham

Technicians at DMH Tyres are thoroughly acquainted with the government regulations and conduct the checks accordingly. Vehicle components included in our winter check include:

Tyres: Our experts will check the groove depth and ensure it is above 1.6mm, as per protocol. If they find that the tyre is worn-out, you may need to install a new set.

Engine oil: It is integral to use engine oil that tackles the low winter temperatures. Our professionals will check your car engine oil levels and suggest a refill if necessary.

Brakes: The braking system needs to be in top-notch condition to ensure a safe on-road drive experience. Worn-out braking pads are detrimental to efficient traction and lead to untoward incidents.

Anti-freeze and coolant: Our experts will ensure that the anti-freeze to water ratio is 50:50. If necessary, we will provide a top-up.

Windscreen and wiper blades: Pouring rain hinders visibility considerably. Thus, ensuring your car windscreen and wiper blades are in excellent condition is essential. After inspecting, we will replace the necessary components with your consent.

Battery: The car battery drains rapidly during winters. To ensure you do not get stuck in the middle of your journey with a dead battery, we will check the discharge levels and recharge as necessary.

Electricals: Our winter vehicle services Wrexham will ensure these components are working optimally and install necessary OE-grade spares wherever essential, with your consent.

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